Nioxin Diamax Advanced - 3.38 oz.

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Nioxin Diamax Advanced, Hair Thickening & Breakage Protection Treatment For Thinning Hair is engineered to thicken existing hair strands instantly. Anti-breakage technology strengthens hair resilience, so hair can grow longer.

  • Premium treatment for stronger, longer hair tomorrow
  • Engineered to thicken existing hair strands instantly.
  • Visibly thickens hair (up to 8 hours) so it's like having 11,000 more hair strands (based on scalp with an average of 100,000 hairs, vs no treatment).
  • With daily use, protects existing hair roots and ends against damage and breakage allowing hair to grow longer.
  • Apply evenly throughout the scalp. Massage gently at the roots and comb through. Do not rinse off. Use daily.
Key Ingredients
  • HTX complex includes ingredients with notable benefits in skin care such as Caffeine, Panthenol and Niacinamide to deliver fuller and thicker hair.